A low fantasy campaign set during a civil war.

The kingdom of Engas has been under the thumb of the Empire for 100 years. Due to concerns elsewhere, the empire has lost its hold on the country, and during a moment of weakness, the people of Engas revolt.

Gaining independence was however easier than winning the peace, and soon the country has splintered into several factions centered around the great houses:

  • Ironblades: The militant faction of Engas, hates the the empire with a passion and some of the first to jump at the civil war bandwagon.
  • Greenway: The farmer faction of Engas, are still loyal towards the empire – currently caught between Grace and the Ironblades.
  • Mourne: The scholar faction.
  • Grace: The faction usually ruling Engas. Has the capital of Wayrest in their territory.
  • Sixthumbs: The craftsman faction – basically fills the role as House Hufflepuff.

A Ballad of Frost and Flames: A Play of Kingdoms

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